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Calling all UK Voiagers!

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Voi x Ambassadors

Our mission is to provide sustainable and inclusive last-mile mobility solutions, enabling people to move freely whilst also helping cities to reach their climate targets.

Voi Ambassadors are Voi brand builders that interact with existing and potential riders to;

• Educate them on safe riding rules
• Promote Voi within your city
• Help user to get started with Voi
• Be the personal link between the user and Voi
• Hand out Voi flyers and other promotional material
• Become a trusted point between Voi and our riders

What you will get in return

Free Voi rides for you

We will also give you discount codes to share with your friends and family

Clothes and accessories

We want you to feel included in our Voi community and will provide all ambassadors with branded Voi clothing and accessories.

Access to the community

Private Facebook Group to connect with other Voi ambassadors where we will share company insights and host private competitions

Ambassadors requirements

✓ You’re 18 or older
✓ You live in a UK city that has Voi
✓ You're a Voiager and have passed RideLikeVoila
✓ You have great energy and enjoy riding the streets
✓ You have an interest in marketing and brand promotion
✓ You love our e-scooters!

Take RideLikeVoila

Have you ticked all the boxes?

We would love to hear from you If you've check all boxes above and feel up for the task!

NOTE: The program is for the UK only

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