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Join Voi and other thought leaders across Europe for our 15-minute cities symposium

Join Voi and other thought leaders across Europe for our 15-minute cities symposium

Voi is holding a landmark symposium in which the best minds across transport, business, innovation and accessibility will come together to discuss society’s much-needed push towards the 15-Minute City. The virtual event takes place on June 29. 

The 15-Minute City concept, first described by leading academic Carlos Moreno, proposes that micro-mobility and public transport, working in conjunction with one another, have the power to unlock the true potential of cities; to turn them into vibrant places to live and work, where everything you need can be reached within a quarter of an hour.

We at Voi believe embracing the 15-Minute City will help make our cities more sustainable and liveable in the 21st Century. As cities and governments prepare for life post-coronavirus, we all need to contribute to ensuring that positive changes to our cities are long-lasting and equitable for all.

This is why we gather thought leaders across transport, policy and business for a 90-minute symposium on June 29. The virtual event takes from 10.30am – 11.45am CET on Hopin. 

The symposium includes an introduction to the 15-Minute City concept and panels on transport, accessibility and innovation. Please join our meeting with speakers, including:

  • Carlos Moreno, Associate Professor at the University of Paris / Sorbonne and creator of the 15-Minute City concept 
  • Lord Mayor of Dublin, Hazel Chu 
  • Karen Vancluysen, POLIS Network’s Secretary-General 
  • Fredrik Hjelm, CEO of Voi Technology
  • Julia Hawkins, partner at LocalGlobe
  • Martynas Gudonavičius, CEO of Trafi
  • Hamish Stewart, Co-Founder, London Car Free Day

TechCrunch’s editor-at-large Mike Butcher will moderate the symposium.

Read the entire programme and register for the symposium on our Hopin event page

By making the right choices today, we can build a better future for all. We welcome you to the 15-minute city movement and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 29 June.