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Voi lets employees work from anywhere – forever

Voi lets employees work from anywhere – forever

Following the COVID forced work-from-home set up in the past few months, Voi has taken the strategic decision to create a permanent solution allowing for a personalized workplace experience. The strategy involves employees making their own choice of how many days they want to work from the office and places trust in that all employees can determine how they best can be most productive.

”For us, it doesn’t matter where you open up your laptop. We have full trust in our employees’ delivery in their roles, regardless of where the work gets done”
Fredrik Hjelm, CEO and Co-founder.

A recently conducted internal survey showed high support for working only 2-3 days in the office and being remote the rest of the time. Not only can more flexibility cater to employees having a more balanced life without, for example, the unnecessary stress of commuting or daycare pick-up. It could also mean the possibility for our many international employees to spend extended periods of time with their friends & family in their home countries. It also allows Voi to expand the area where we can hire talent which enables less geographic lock-in when it comes to talent attraction.

“We want to attract and retain the best people for us and really be an employer driving diversity in all aspects, regardless of what stage you are in your life or where you are from. As a company driving the sustainability agenda, it’s equally important for us to enable a flexible and sustainable lifestyle for our employees on an individual level. Our new strategy becomes an important tool for enabling our employees to adapt work to their lifestyle and not the other way around” says Caroline Palm, Chief People & Culture Officer.