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How long does it take to get set-up?

It normally takes less than 24h.

Can I get more information or see a demo?

Of course, fill in the form and we’ll get in touch with you shortly!

What is the Employer Dashboard?

The Employer Dashboard is where you can add and remove the access to use Voi for Business as a payment method. You can create teams and set projects in order to get a full overview of your company’s rider history.

Can I try it out myself before onboarding my employees?

Sure thing, you’re the decision maker of who should be able to have access to Voi for Business and not. You decide by your own tempo on who of your employees to onboard and when through the Employer Dashboard.

Can I bring Voi to my city and franchise your scooters?

No, you can not.

Can we access Voi-scooters in other cities with Voi for Business?

Yes, that’s the whole idea with Voi for Business! You get access to all our scooters in all our markets. Skip the taxi lane next time you get to another city and let your employees jump on a Voi instead.

What payment methods can we have?

Credit cards are the main payment method. However, get in touch with us to explore other possibilities.

Can I become a business hunter?

Then you’re in the wrong place! Please go to Business Hunter.