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Frequently Asked Questions


I found a beeping scooter

If you found a scooter that is making noise, please contact our support and share with us the exact address and, even better, the 4-digit code located on the handlebars. This way, we will make sure it's picked up as soon as possible! 

I used a Voi that seems to be damaged. What can I do?

Contact our support and tell us what happened. Your safety is our number one priority, and we want all riders and scooters to be in excellent condition ❤️

I can't connect to the scooter

Check the following:

  • Is the scooter on the Rider Map?
  • Does the scooter have more than 20% battery?
  • Have you turned on Bluetooth and 4G?
  • Do you have the latest version of the Voi app and phone software?
  • Is there enough money on your payment method?
  • Close and restart the app.

A Voi isn't where the map says it should be

Sometimes scooters hide 50-100 meters from the map location. GPS signals aren’t always super precise.

Take a look around. Somebody might have tried to ride it without unlocking it. Or even stored it inside a building 😨

If you really can’t find it, please mark it as missing in the app.

A Voi shut down during my ride

If a scooter slowed down and stoped during the ride, it's most likely because it ran out of battery. Our best advice for you here is to check the battery level before you start a long ride (planning is always a good solution!).

Information about the battery level of a scooter is displayed directly in the app. You can check it easily by tapping on a scooter icon on the map.

So, if a scooter has less than 30% and you're planning a long Voiage, try looking for another one.

Rapportera olämpligt parkerade elsparkcyklar i Stockholm

Om du hittar en av våra elsparkcyklar i Stockholm som utgör en trafikfara för fotgängare eller annan trafik så kan du ringa vår telefonlinje och rapportera den till oss. På detta vis kan vi se till att flytta felparkerade elsparkcyklar till mer lämpliga platser!

Denna tjänst gäller bara i Stockholm och är endast avsedd för olämpligt parkerade elsparkcyklar. Om du upplever ett problem med vår service, har generell feedback, eller har hittat en olämpligt parkerad elsparkcykel i en annan stad, vänligen kontakta så glädjer vi oss att hjälpa dig där!

Voi Stockholms telefonlinje: +46 8 557 69 559 📞 

Vänligen förbered följande inför ditt samtal:

  • Gatunamn och gatunummer där elsparkcykeln är parkerad
  • Elsparkcykelns ID (4 bokstäverna/siffrorna under QR-koden)
  • En kort beskrivning av vad som gör parkeringen av elsparkcykeln olämplig


I unlocked a scooter and it didn't work. But I was charged anyway! How do I get a refund?

If the scooter didn't work and you paid for it, please get in touch with our support and include a brief description of what happened. Magic agents are waiting to help you with this Voiage! 🛴💨



I didn't receive an SMS with a verification code

To help us verify your identity and ensure the security of your account, we send a text message (SMS) to your phone number. If you haven't received the code after entering a phone number, please do the following:

  • Restart your phone to refresh the device’s carrier connection;
  • Type your phone number again;
  • Double-check that the country code and the phone number are correct;
  • Click "GET CODE" again.

If you still don’t receive the code, please contact your mobile operator regarding the possible reasons for not receiving the SMS verification code and they will assist you.

How do you handle my Voi user data?

Your data and privacy are super important. We wouldn’t want our data to be sold or shared with third parties either. We handle your data in line with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which means that you’re safe.

You can read more about how we handle our users' data in our Privacy Policy.

I can't log in to the app. What should I do?

Check if you've performed the following steps:

  • Type your phone number in the app (make sure that the correct country code is selected and no digits are missing in the phone number);
  • After that, you'll receive an SMS with a verification code that you need to paste in the app;
  • If the phone number is already connected to your Voi account, you should be successfully logged in;
  • If the phone number isn't connected to your Voi account yet, you'll need to type your email address in the app;
  • After that, you should receive an email with the magic link that you need to click in order to confirm registration;
  • If the magic link doesn't seem to work, you can use the code that we sent you in the same email and copy-paste it in the app.

I want to delete my Voi account

If you wish to delete your account, you can to do it on your own by following these steps:

1. Open the application and tap on the menu icon in the bottom left corner (3 horizontal lines);
2. Tap on ‘Profile’ and then tap on your e-mail address;
3. On the bottom of this page, you’ll find a button that says ‘Delete Account’. You just have to tap on that button and fill in why you’re leaving us and then confirm the deletion.

If you need our help with this, please contact

Can I rent more than one scooter through the same Voi account?

Right now, there is no option in the app to rent multiple scooters using one Voi account. Each person needs to have a registered profile in order to unlock a scooter. Although, it's not forbidden to use the same payment method for more than one app.

Important: We strongly advise to share payment information only with people you trust.


Where can I find the Insurance in the U.K.?

In the U.K., Voi works with Zego to provide insurance in the case of an accident.

Voi has liability insurance in the case that a user causes injury or damage to property to a third party or should the user suffer an accident whilst using a scooter which directly results in their death, permanent total disablement, or permanent partial disablement.

In the case of an accident, please contact us as soon as you can at You may also contact our insurance partner at or 01908 302 023.

Am I insured when I ride a Voi or do I need to get my own insurance?

In Sweden, Voi scooters are classified as bicycles. This means they don’t have any Motor Third-Party Insurance (Swedish: Trafikförsäkring). If you get hurt on a Voi, your own insurance ought to cover your costs. Call your insurance company to learn what your insurance policy covers.

Where can I find the insurance in Denmark?

In Denmark, Voi’s scooters are covered by third-party insurance through Gjensidige in accordance with the Procurement Scheme for Motorized Scooters and §105 of the Road Traffic Act (Færdselslovens). 


How environmentally friendly is Voi?

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Our scooters are a far superior way to get around in cities than cars.

We use the same type of batteries that Tesla and other electric car makers use: lithium-ion batteries. Lithium harms the environment far less than nickel or lead batteries do. And they last much longer. Lithium-ion battery recycling is also far friendlier to the environment.


Does Voi offer any discounts in the U.K.?

Yes, we currently offer three types of discounts!

Voi 4 All
Riders who hold a valid HC2 certificate can subscribe to our monthly Voi pass subscription at a discounted price (75%) and purchase day passes at a discounted price (75%).

Voi 4 Heroes

This is for all the heroes of our country, it enables you to subscribe to our monthly Voi pass subscription at a discounted price (75%) and purchase day passes at a discounted price (75%).

Voi 4 Students

This discount is for all students and staff at all our higher educational institutes, it enables you to subscribe to our monthly Voi pass subscription at a discounted price (20%) and purchase day passes at a discounted price (20%).

What is accepted as proof of eligibility?

  • Voi 4 All: A valid HC2 certificate. You can find more information about HC2 certificates here.
  • Voi 4 Heroes: A valid NHS identity or Blue light card.
  • Voi 4 Students: A valid campus identity card (students or staff) for a UK based higher education institute.
  • Please ensure that you upload both sides of your proof if needed.
  • Images must be clear and legible and include the full face of the document.

How does it work?

In order to apply for one of our discounts you need to:

  • Create your Voi account through our app.
  • Apply for your discount through this application (you will need to upload evidence of your eligibility).
  • Wait for a confirmation email from us.
  • Once you have received your confirmation, the discounts as stated above will apply. Standard pricing is applied until you have received that confirmation. Retroactive discounts will not be applied.
  • Note that these discounts are not applicable on regular “pay as you go” rides.
  • What is Voi Pass?

    Disclaimer: Voi Pass is a new feature and may be unavailable in certain markets.

    In the app, you can purchase a Daily or Monthly pass for riding Voi scooters. With the Voi Pass, you can take as many rides as you want within the purchased period. The duration of each ride is limited to 45 minutes. For rides longer than 45 minutes, the standard minute pricing for your city applies. In the case of reserved rides, a reservation fee applies.

    Voi Pass is only valid in the city in which it was purchased.

    To buy a Voi pass, open the app, click “Wallet” in the main menu and then “Get a Voi Pass”. After that, you’ll be forwarded to the page containing the options available for purchase (including the prices) and the information about how the Voi Pass works.

    The cost of a Voi pass varies depending on a market and may be subject to change. You’ll keep your current price as long as you maintain your monthly pass active. 

    The Daily Pass ends as soon as it expires. The Monthly Pass is automatically renewed after the current pass expires and is charged to your default payment method. 

    You’re free to cancel your monthly pass at any time before the pass is renewed. You can do that by opening your pass in the app (through the “Wallet” page) and clicking “Cancel Voi Pass” after which you’ll need to confirm the cancellation. After canceling a pass, you’ll still be able to use it until the expiration date.

    Note: while riding with a Voi Pass, your Voialty progress is paused.

    Does Voi have a loyalty program?

    Yes, we do have a loyalty program! It’s called Voialty 🤩 

    The program is designed for our lovely riders to give everyone a chance to get rewarded for riding Voi. The more you ride - the more you save!

    How does it work?

    • You start collecting points once you take your first ride.
    • Each ride gives you 10 points (keep in mind that only rides longer than 2 minutes are counted for the points). 
    • When reaching a certain number of points, you get upgraded to the next level and get a new discount for the ride cost.

    What are the levels and discounts?

    • Rookie - your first Voi level where you start collecting the points (0% off);
    • Amateur on Wheels - 10% off;
    • Expert Mile Eater  - 20% off;
    • Guru of Voiland - 40% off.

    Where can I see my Voi level?

    To see your current Voi level, you need to either tap on the badge in the upper right corner of the app screen (when you’re in the map view) or go to your profile and then tap on the Voialty badge. 

    You can find the following information there:

    • Your current level;
    • How many points you need to collect in order to stay on your current level / upgrade to the next level;
    • How many days left to collect those points.

    Note: Keep in mind that Voialty is a new feature and may be subject to change.

    Why is there a pending charge on my account?

    After you add a new payment method, we need to verify it to make sure it’s valid and functioning. That's why as soon as you unlock a scooter, we'll do a temporary authorization hold and reserve 5EUR on your account. After the ride is completed, this authorization hold is converted to a charge for the final ride cost.

    • If the final cost is more than 5EUR, the full amount will be charged as usual. For example, if the final cost is 7EUR, in your bank statement you will see it either as 7EUR charge or as 5EUR (test charge) + 2EUR (the rest of the cost).
    • If the final cost is less than 5EUR, the price of the ride will be charged and the rest of the reserved amount will be voided from your payment method.
    • If the price of the ride is 0 (for example, the scooter was broken and you ended the ride right after), the test charge will be used for your next ride. If no rides are made during a week, the test charge will be automatically voided within 7 days (if you use a credit card as a payment method) or 30 days (if you use PayPal).

    How much does it cost to ride a Voi?

    The cost of riding a Voi depends on a few factors. We charge a base fixed rate for unlocking the scooter and additional costs may vary depending on a city, day, and time in which you choose to rent our scooters.

    Information regarding the prices is available to our users directly in the Voi app. You can simply click on a scooter on the map in order to check the current price of riding in your city.



    How do I invite my buddies and get credits?

    It pays to have friends! 😊You can earn free rides by referring your buddies with your unique referral link in the app! 

    Here're the steps to get credits:

  • Add your payment information in the app;
  • Send the invite link to your buddy;
  • Your buddy downloads the app through your link AND adds a payment method;
  • Your buddy gets Voi credits;
  • Lastly, your buddy needs to ride a Voi. Then, you’ll get your credits. Yaaaay!
  • Keep in mind that this promotion only works for new users, so if your buddy already has an account, it won’t work.

    How do I use my voucher code?

    So happy that you got a Voi voucher 😍 You can easily use it by opening the menu in the Voi app, clicking “Free Rides” and then "Redeem Code".

    After that, open your profile in the app to make sure that the credits landed on your account.

    If the voucher doesn't work, check these things first:

    • Did you enter the code exactly the way it looks? Check upper-case letters and lower-case letters;
    • Did you accidentally enter an extra space?
    • Are you running the latest version of the Voi app?
    • You need to have a registered payment method to make the code work. Do you?

    If it still doesn’t work, let us know and we’ll fix it 💪🏻

    Can I get a receipt for my ride?

    You're able to access the receipts for your Voi rides directly in the app! 🤩

    All you need to do is to open the menu in the Voi app, tap "History" and choose the ride you would like to have a receipt for!

    At the bottom of the page, you will be able to tap "Download PDF Receipt". It’s that easy!

    What payment methods can I use?

    Paying for #RidingTheFuture has never been easier!  😎

    After signing in, you need to add a payment method to your account. To do that, open your profile in the app, click on the payment method, and choose the option that fits the best. You can choose from Paypal, Mastercard, Visa or American Express 💸


    Do I need a driving license in the United Kingdom to ride Voi?

    Yes, in the United Kingdom, Voi scooters are classified as motor vehicles. This means in order to ride Voi, you need to be legally licensed to use and drive e-scooters in the United Kingdom by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority.

    Upon registration in the Voi app, you'll be asked to provide proof of license in order to complete your registration.

    If you have further questions, please reach out to us at and we'll be happy to help!

    Do I have to wear a helmet when riding a Voi?

    You're not legally required to wear a helmet, but all smart people do it anyway 😀 Here's the math: a helmet makes you look awesome because it shows that you are smart.

    So we definitely recommend wearing a helmet when you ride scooters. Ride safe, scooter trooper! 🛴💨 

    Is there an age limit?

    Yes. You need to be at least 18 years old to get magic wheels. Sorry kids!

    Is there a weight limit?

    The weight limit for riding a Voi is 100 kg. Keep in mind that the maximum weight includes all the items that you're carrying on Voi, such as a bag or a backpack 🎒

    How many can ride a Voi?

    Just one at a time. Never ride a scooter together with someone else. It’s super dangerous and you can really hurt yourself. Your loved ones will worry 🥺 Just keep yourself and everyone else safe, alright?

    Which traffic rules should I follow?

    Bicycle rules rule!

    • Use bike lanes;
    • Stay out of the way of pedestrians and cars;
    • Control your speed;
    • Obey traffic laws;
    • Be smart and wear a helmet. Helmets protect your head, and that's where the essence of your smartness lives.

    Check out our Online Traffic School RideLikeVoila to review the traffic rules in your location.

    ❌ No riding drunk or under the effect of drugs or other substances. This violates the Voi Terms of Use as well as most local European laws. Ride safe!


    The app won't let me end my ride

    Sometimes, the scooter won’t connect when you're trying to end a ride. In most cases, the reason for the problem lays in connection issues or bad reception/signal 📳 To make it work, it's usually enough to:

    • Make sure that you're standing right next to the scooter;
    • Move the scooter around a bit and give it another go;
    • Reboot the app;
    • Turn your Bluetooth off and on again;
    • Make sure that your app is updated (yes, sometimes it's the cause of problems with ending a ride!).

    If none of these hacks work, contact our support. We’ll end the ride for you! ❤️

    How do I get in contact with support?

    Support is available to help you anytime! How to get in touch with us? Easy Peasy!

    Voi Support will get back to you within 24 hours.

    ☎️ Swedish Hotline: +46 21 665 59 22 (in English).

    ☎️ UK Hotline: 0800-3768179.

    I was on a ride and my phone ran out of battery. Now what?

    Please, ensure you have enough battery before you start the ride! If you ran out of battery while riding a Voi, the scooter will be considered abandoned and you may be charged a fee. Please, contact support for further information 😊

    How long and where can I ride?

    You're basically free to ride as long as you want until the scooter runs out of battery. And as long as you stay within the Voi zone, of course 😊 

    Keep in mind that the maximum duration of the ride is 3 hours and if you don't end your ride within this time, it'll be ended by us (additional costs may apply if the scooter was left abandoned or in a no-parking zone). 

    Use bike lanes and stay out of the way of cars and pedestrians. Be careful with speed when you’re around others. Obey traffic laws, and wear a helmet to keep your pretty head safe. When you’re done, park your Voi so it doesn’t block cars, gates, doorways or sidewalks!


    When I try to end my ride it says that I'm in a No Parking Zone. What should I do?

    Scooters have to be parked within the operational zone that shows in white on the map. The limits of the area where Voi is operating is represented in the App as a red geofence.

    There are some locations inside the geofence where it's impossible to park too! If you try to park in a No Parking Zone, you’ll get a message asking you to bring the scooter back. Ending the ride a red zone may result in a penalty fee! 💸

    If you're having problems, don't worry! Tell us the scooter ID (4 digits on the handlebar) and give us a brief description of what happened. Magic agents are waiting to help you with this Voiage!




    How do I park my Voi?

    Voi’s can be parked almost anywhere within our Operational Area (inside the red geofence on the map).

    Even though the city belongs to everyone, watch out for the Red areas on the map - these are No Parking Zones and you won't be able to park a scooter there ⛔️ 

    We also have Great Parking Spots highlighted in green on the map! Park scooters in one of these areas and a small bonus will be coming your way! ✨

    Vois love roaming free. So don’t bring them inside. The whole idea of Voi is to share it with your friends, so it’s not very friendly to keep it all for yourself.

    No matter where you park please, make sure to put the scooter neatly out of the way for pedestrians and other vehicles! This means no blocking cars, doors, gates or sidewalks! 🛴