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App problems

Can't end my ride

When I try to end my ride I get an error message

Sometimes, the scooter won’t connect when you end a ride. Here are some things to try:
– Stand next to the scooter and reboot the app. Try to end the ride again.
– Turn your Bluetooth off and on again.
– Move the scooter around a bit. Give it another go.
– If none of these hacks work, contact support. We’ll end the ride for you.

When I try to end my ride it says that I'm outside the operational zone. What should I do?

You can’t park your Voi outside the operational zone. Please, bring the scooter back.

The Voi isn't where it's supposed to be!

The Voi isn't where the map says it should be.

Sometimes, scooters hide some 50-100 meters from the map location. GPS signals aren’t super exact. Have another look around. Somebody might have tried to ride it without unlocking it. Or even stored it inside a building. If you really can’t find it, please mark it as missing in the app.

My phone died during the ride

I was on a ride and my phone ran out of battery. Now what?

If you charge your phone and open the app, you’ll probably see that the ride ended automatically. But, if you want to know everything’s ok—and that we didn’t overcharge you—contact support.

Scooter issues

The scooter doesn't work

I can't connect to the scooter.

Check the following:
– Is the scooter on the Rider Map?
– Does the scooter have more than 20% battery?
– Have you turned on Bluetooth and 4G?
– Do you have the latest version of the Voi app and phone software?
– Close and restart the app.
– Is there enough money on your card?

I tried to connect to several scooters. Nothing works.

It could be a problem with your credit card. Make sure there’s money available on your card. Even if you have credits, you can only connect to a Voi if you have a working credit card.

I unlocked a Voi, but it doesn't work.

Have you tried “kick-starting” the Voi? Kick the scooter like a regular kick bike before you press the GO button. Three strong kicks should be enough to get going. Vois have to be kick-started for safety reasons. We want our beautiful riders to be safe!

I've tried to "kick-start" several times but the Voi still doesn't work.

Make sure the brake-lever isn’t stuck. If it is, try to twist/push the rubber handlebar to the left and away from the bell. This should get it “un-stuck.” If the Voi still doesn’t start, end the ride and report the problem to our support. Use the same email you use in the app.

The Voi shut down during my ride.

If the Voi shut down during your ride, it might have run out of battery. Scooters have to have enough battery to complete the distance.

Damaged scooter

I used a Voi that seems damaged. What can I do?

Contact support and tell us what happened. Your safety is our number one priority, and we want all scooters and riders to be in excellent condition.

Oh no! I damaged a Voi. What do I do?

Accidents happen. So don’t worry! Your home insurance will cover any cost relating to the damage. Just report the accident to our support team. Tell us what happened and don’t forget to include the Voi 4-digit ID (located right above the QR code). Then end your trip as soon as possible, and our technicians will fetch the Voi and fix it.

I found a damaged scooter on the street. Can I report this?

Yes, please! Help us to find and fix the damaged scooter. Use the form and tell us the Voi 4-digit ID (located right above the QR code) and explain what’s wrong with it.

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