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Some common questions

Here’s where we answer the most frequently asked questions. If you have any problems with your Voi, you can get help on our support page.


Where to ride

How long can I ride a Voi?

Ride for as long as you want (or until you run out of battery). A fully charged and functioning Voi travels up to 20 km/12,4 miles per hour, so have fun and ride safe!

Where can I ride?

Use bike lanes and stay out of the way of cars and foot people. Be careful with speed when you’re around others. Obey traffic laws, and wear a helmet to keep your pretty head safe. When you’re done, park your Voi so it doesn’t block cars, gates, doorways or pedestrians.

Can I ride on sidewalks?

No, sidewalks are for foot people. Use bikes lanes. If there isn’t a bike lane, ride your Voi on the street, just like you’d ride an ordinary bike. Always follow traffic rules and wear a helmet to keep your beautiful mind safe!

How to park

How do I park my Voi?

A great thing about riding a Voi is that you can park almost everywhere. But the city belongs to everyone. So no blocking cars, doors, gates, or sidewalks.

Never park a Voi on tactile guidelines for visually impaired people. These people are not able to realize this as an obstacle. In this situation the scooter can cause injuries for these persons.


I'm trying to park my Voi but the app says I'm in a no-parking zone.

Many cities have some zones where you’re not allowed to park. These zones are pointed out in Red in the App. So, look around. There’s probably a better place to park just around the corner.

A Voi's parked where it shouldn't be! What does Voi do to get people to park the scooters right?

Sorry about that. We educate our riders on how to park scooters so they don’t get in the way. We encourage them to park in specific zones and our crew always keeps an eye out for incorrectly parked scooters.

Can I bring the Voi home overnight or store it in my office during day?

Vois love roaming free. So don’t bring them inside. The whole idea of Voi is to share it with your friends, so it’s not very friendly to keep it all for yourself.


Cash and credits

Price and payments

How much does it cost to ride a Voi?

It costs 1 €, 10 KR, 10 DKK (30 DKK in Åårhus) or 10 NOK to unlock a scooter. Then you pay for every minute you ride. Tap a scooter in the app to see the exact price.

Can I get a receipt for my ride?

You’ll get a receipt with the total price when you’ve finished your ride. Tap History in the app to see all your receipts.

What payment methods can I use?

Most bank cards and credit cards will work, but we don’t accept Maestro.


I unlocked a scooter and it didn't work. But I was charged anyway! How do I get a refund?

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and get in touch with support. Tell us the scooter ID (4 digits on the handlebar) and give us a brief description of what happened.

Support told me I'm supposed to get a refund. When can I expect it?

It can take 5 to 10 business days for your refund to be processed.

Voi Credits

How do I use my voucher code?

Go to Voi app, select “Free Rides” and redeem the Code.

I'm trying to redeem my voucher code. But it doesn't work!

Check these things first:
– Did you enter the code exactly the way it looks? Check upper-case letters and lower-case letters.
– Did you accidentally enter an extra space?
– Are you running the latest version of the Voi app?

– You need to have a registered credit card to make the code work. Do you?

If it still doesn’t work, let us know and we’ll fix it.

Where do I see my credits?

In the app, tap profile and Voi Credits.

How much is 1 Voi credit?

1 Voi credit = 10 SEK, 10 DKK, 10 NOK or 1€ depending on your local currency.

How do I invite my buddies and get credits?

In the app, go to “Free Rides” and tap “Send Code”. Then send your personal code to your buddies. They’ll get an invitation to download the app.

I invited my buddy to use Voi, but none of us got any credits?

Here are the steps to get credits: 1. Add your card information in the app. 2. Send the invite link to your buddy. 3. Your buddy downloads the app through your link AND adds a credit card. 4. Your buddy gets Voi credits. 5. Lastly, your buddy needs to ride a Voi. Then, you’ll get your credits. Yay! (This promotion only works for new users, so if your buddy already has an account, it won’t work.)


Limits and requirements

Is there an age limit?

Yes. You need to be at least 18 years old to get magic wheels. Sorry kids!

Is there a weight limit?

The weight limit is approximately 120kg.

How many can ride a Voi?

Just one at a time. Never ride the scooter together with someone else. It’s super dangerous and you can really hurt yourself. Your loved ones will cry. Just keep yourself and everyone else safe, alright.

Do you have to wear a helmet when you ride a Voi?

We definitely recommend you wear a helmet when you ride scooters. Ride safe, scooter trooper!

Traffic Rules

Which traffic rules should I follow?

Bicycle rules rule. Use bike lanes, stay out of the way of pedestrians and cars, control your speed, obey traffic laws. Be smart and wear a helmet. Helmets protect your head where your smartness lives.

Do I really need to use a helmet?

You’re not legally required to wear a helmet, but all smart people do it anyway. Here’s the maths: a helmet makes you look awesome because it shows you’re smart.

May I ride drunk or under the effect of other substances?

No way. This violates the Voi Terms of Use as well as most local European laws. Ride safe!

Theft and vandalism

How does Voi handle theft and vandalism?

We’ve developed new techy ways to stop thieving and vandalism. Sadly, some users don’t treat our scooters with love. In these cases, we investigate what happened and take action.

I’ve seen someone vandalize a scooter. What should I do?

Oh no. Sorry you had to witness that! If you see someone intentionally breaking a scooter, send us an email and include as many details as possible: the time, location, and the 4 digit ID on the Scooter’s handlebar, if possible. A description of the villain is also helpful, but be careful around bad people.

Voi scooter hacks

I've heard you can hack a Voi?

We’ve heard so too, and we understand that riding for free can seem tempting. If you know of a hack, let us know. You may even get a reward for it.


Data Handling

How do you handle my Voi user data?

Your data and privacy are super important. We wouldn’t want our data to be sold or shared with third parties either. We handle your data in line with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You’re safe.

How do you handle sensitive information?

We never store sensitive information like credit card details. Stripe (www.stripe.com) does that for us. And they’re one of the world’s largest and most secure payment companies.

Voi account

I can't log in to the app. What should I do?

– Check that there’s no space before or after your email.
– After you’ve entered your email address, you should get a mail to confirm your identity (it may take a few minutes).

– In this email, click the button “Open the app”.

– If you can’t find this email, try checking the junk folder.

I want to delete my Voi account

No problem. Contact support@voiapp.io or use this form on the website.


Am I insured when I ride a Voi or do I need to get my own insurance?

In Sweden, Voi scooters are classified as bicycles. This means they don’t have any Motor Third-Party Insurance (Swedish: Trafikförsäkring). If you get hurt on a Voi, your own insurance ought to cover your costs. Call your insurance company to learn what your insurance policy covers.

Where can I find the insurance in Denmark?

In Denmark, Voi’s scooters are covered by third-party insurance through Købstædernes Forsikring in accordance with the Procurement Scheme for Motorized Scooters and §105 of the Road Traffic Act (Færdselslovens). Read more about the insurance here.


How environmentally friendly is Voi?

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Our scooters are a far superior way to get around in cities than cars.

How do you charge the scooters?

We use so-called hunters to collect, charge and deploy the scooters. That way you always have a Voi ready to ride.

What kind of batteries does Voi use?

We use the same type of batteries that Tesla and other electric car makers use: lithium-ion batteries. Lithium harms the environment far less than nickel or lead batteries do. And they last much longer. Lithium-ion battery recycling is also far friendlier to the environment.

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