Need help?

Dear city, you may wonder why you need Voi?

There's nothing quite like it. It’s for all those rides you didn't plan for. It’s for the big adventure or for the last few hundred meters. It saves your visitors’ legs after a long day touristing. It’s a space saver, reduces congestion and pollution. And it's probably already a natural part of your neighboring city.

The Voi way

For cities, for people.

We want cities all over Europe to be greener. And the people who live in those cities to be happier.

Our words match our actions.

We're honest and transparent because we believe it's the only sustainable way to do business. It means our words and actions always match. And we strive to be 100% open, no matter if we talk to media, politicians, or our riders.

Safe rides = magic rides

Our technology serves cities and the people who live there. That means cities have high expectations for our products, our geofencing, and our educational material about safety. We like to overdeliver on everything. Especially on safety.

Cities made for people

We're part of your change.

When we work with cities, we meet all local standards and integrate fully with the existing transportation system. We communicate our Code of Conduct, loud and clear. And we collaborate with local micro-mobility associations. Critical issues we always want full alignment on are safety, data sharing, corporate & product compliance, and operating zones & parking spots.

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