Become VOI green city partner?

What's the problem?

A car transports on average only 1.3 people. When the car stands still, which it does 95% of the time, it fills up a lot of space too. Just think what we could use all that space for. We have an idea that can make the city greener already tomorrow: One car parking spot can be used for at least 10 bicycles and small electric vehicles and create a transport option for 50 people with 10 times less impact on the environment?

What can you do?

When becoming a Green City Partner you put your space in the city to use for a green purpose. We serve you, your employees and your customers with VOIs and provide a green transport solution to the citizens at the same time.

By partnering with us you contribute to a greener city with fewer cars, less pollution and less impact on the climate. And you support your own business by attracting customers and visitors to your location.

Green City Partner

What's in it for you?

VOI - Brand partner.png

Free your city from noise and pollution by becoming a brand partner.

VOI - Employees

Get access to scooters for your employees and customers.

VOI - Get credits

Get credits and vouchers at a green city partner price.

Voi Parking Spaces.png

Turn old car parking lots into green parking spots.

Are you already a Green City Partner and want to get in touch with us?