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Riding is easy and fun. It's easier than learning how to ride a bike, and more fun than walking on tiny feet.

Find a Voi & Unlock 🤳

Locate an available Voi in the app and unlock when standing next to it.

Ride safe 💂

Protect your brain, wear a helmet. One person per scooter. Follow the law. Behave!

Kickstart your ride 👟

You need some speed before you can use the throttle. Pro tip! Kick 3 times for magic feels!

Bike lanes are friends 🚴

The sidewalks are lava! Stay on bike lanes or close to the side curb. Watch out for evil cars!

Park smart 🅿️

Don’t block public pathways and care for pedestrians. Be a nice person. Make people smile.

Ending your ride 🔚

Make the scooter available for the next person by ending your ride in the app. Sharing is caring!

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