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How to Voi

Your adventure starts with the Voi app

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Riding Voi is easy and fun.

When you've downloaded the app and created an account you can locate an available Voi scooter in the app. Find the scooter and unlock it with the app when standing next to it. You need some speed before you can use the throttle. Kick 3 times for magic feels!

When you’re done riding Voi, make the scooter available for the next person by ending your ride in the app.
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Voi Rider Rules


Protect your brain, wear a helmet. One person per scooter. Follow the law. Behave!


The sidewalks are lava! Stay on bike lanes or close to the side curb.


Don’t block public pathways and care for pedestrians. Be a nice person.

Join the Voi traffic school

Where to ride and park.

A great thing about riding a Voi is that you can ride and park almost everywhere in the city. But the streets belong to everyone. That's why we have special zones and spots for riding and parking. We create these zones and spots together with cities to adapt to local needs. Learn more about these zones and spots below.

Great parking spot

This is a great place to park your Voi scooter. If you park here you'll get a discount on your ride. Magic, isn't it?

Parking spot

In some cities you are only allowed to park in designated parking spots. Find a parking spot before you start your ride.

No parking zone

In some places it's not appropriate to park. That's why we have no parking zones where you can’t end your ride.

Slow zone

In these zones there are lots of cars or pedestrians around. Therefore, your Voi will run slightly slower here.

No riding zone

This is a scooter no-go zone. They only exist in some cities. You're not able to ride or park a Voi scooter in this zone.

Outside Voi Zone

It’s against the rules to take a Voi outside the Voi Zone. Your scooter will come to a full stop and you won’t be able to end your ride.


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