Join the VOI Hunters community and start making money!

As a VOI Hunter, you pick up VOIs (electric scooters) that need charging, charge them and deploy them at specific locations around your city. Get paid for each time you charge a scooter. Be a part of the sustainable revolution!

Make a real difference and change your city, one VOI at a time. 

Join our ride to the future!

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What does a VOI Hunter do?


Collect low battery VOIs

Our hunters use Vans, SUVs, cars as well as cargo bikes!


Charge and deploy

Bring them to your charging spot and release them the next morning.


Get paid every week

Make money based on the VOI scooters charged and deployed.

Corporate Hunters

Are you a CEO/Manager at a company and want to get in contact with us regarding Hunter partnerships?

More questions?

How can I become a VOI Hunter and make money with VOI?

  1. Join our community of Hunters (chargers) by signing up and following the online onboarding process. You just need to click on the "APPLY NOW" buttom and sign in with your name, surname, email and phone number.
  2. Get out and hunt low battery VOIs in the city. The ones with low battery can easily be identified through the VOI Hunters app.
  3. Charge them at your house overnight.
  4. Drop the VOIs outside in our designated areas around the city. Check the VOI Hunter app to find out where!
  5. Receive your payment the same week as soon as we’ve verified the drops. We take care of all the tax payments and all the boring stuff. You just enjoy that green!

How it Works (What is a Hunter?)

Being a VOI Hunter means that you would be responsible for making sure that scooters are collected and charged each night. By checking the Hunter app you will be able to see when a scooter is available for pick up and where that scooter is located. After picking up a scooter simple take it to your home, plug it in and let it charge for the night. The next morning return the scooter to one of its designated parking lots and your job is complete. Depending on how many scooters you are capable of picking up and how many charging devices you hold you can decide how much money you make in one night. Charging devices will be supplied and while using them is very simple, a quick training will be provided as well.

What and how do I get paid?

The pay for each scooter can vary depending on how easy it is to collect, how long it has been out on the street without battery and how late it is. The payment can therefore range between 30-100 SEK / 3-10 EUR.

When do I work?

The flexibility of this job allows you to choose when to work and how much you want to do each day. You can collect scooters every day at any time. You will then park them in the city centre the morning after during designated dropping times for your city.

Are there any requirements?


  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • Have basic English skills.
  • You must be legally able to work in the country of your choice.

Who are our Hunters?

Through its operations, VOI offer people from students, sustainability heroes and part-timers the opportunity to earn money by charging electric scooters.

What are the working conditions?

As a VOI Hunter you decide when, where and how much you want to work. This flexibility is unique and often attracts people who want to earn a bit extra on the side or fit their working hours around other things in their life.

Does VOI provide minimum earnings?

We don’t provide minimum earnings, but we work closely with our VOI Hunters to make it easier for them to perform well. Hunters are our most important resource in a city. We listen to them and adapt to their needs, so we can become a preferred choice and build a greener world together.

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