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Long Term Rentals by Voi

Your e-scooter journey starts now!

Great news that your Long Term Rental from Voi has been confirmed, and soon you will have your very own e-scooter delivered to your home.

Here are all the details you need to know about how your Voi works, road safety guidance and other hints and tips to make the most out of your e-scooter.

What's included?







Prepare for your rental

Complete our online traffic school

Not sure which traffic rules you need to follow on an e-scooter? Test your knowledge at our certified traffic school, RideLikeVoila.

Watch our video

Get rolling in no time by following these simple steps, head over to YouTube and learn more about the safest way to ride Voi.

Beginner's mode

This reduces the speed of the e-scooter, allowing you to start off slowly while you get used to the accelerator and brakes.

How it works

We’ve created the following videos as a visual aid to help you properly care for the e-scooter during your rental. Don’t forget it’s your responsibility to charge and maintain the e-scooter.

How to park the

LTR riders have added flexibility - you do not have to park in the Mandatory Parking Zones but do park with thought:

Keep it neat. Place your scooter parallel and close to a wall, in a scooter rack, or within a designated parking zone. When in doubt, a good tip is to park your scooter next to obstacles that already exist.

Don’t block the pavement. Always leave at least two metres free and be sure not to obstruct the path of pedestrians.

Don’t block traffic. Consider if your parking will work for everyone else. Don’t park in the way of other vehicles and keep roads, bicycle lanes and pedestrian crossings free.

Learn more

How to charge
the e-scooter

1. Locate the e-scooter's neck, above the sticker, remove the rubber grommet to expose the charge port. Plug the Voi charger in.

Please note you must use the Voi charger provided, failing to do so may pose a risk of fire.

2. The LED light on the charger brick will turn red to indicate it is charging.

3. The e-scooter will take between 1 - 3 hours to fully recharge.

4. Once the LED light on the charger brick turns green, this indicates that the e-scooter is fully charged.

5. Simply turn off the plug at the socket, remove the charger from the e-scooter and replace the rubber grommet.

Recommendations to ensure safe e-scooter charging:

You should charge your e-scooter if the battery charging levels are at 15% or below. To charge the Voi e-scooter you need to use the provided battery charger. No other battery charger should be used.

The battery charge needs to be supervised: please unplug the e-scooter from charging if you are leaving the house, leave the room where your scooter is charging or when you are going to bed.

Always charge indoors. It’s forbidden to charge the e-scooter outdoors, particularly if it’s raining, as this may result in water damage.

Do not charge the scooter near sources of heat such as heaters or others. Doing so may lead to overheating, bursting open or ignition.

The e-scooter should be stored and charged at temperatures between 0°C - 40°C.

Your Voi e-scooter should never block emergency exits while being charged or stored.

how to charge video

How to maintain
the e-scooter

At least once per week, we recommend that riders:

1. Check the functionality of e-scooters brakes (both the front and rear brakes).

2. Check the neck and handlebar of the scooter feels secure and sturdy.

3. Cosmetic damage isn’t a cause for concern, but any loose parts or obvious defects should be promptly reported to

4. Ensure the kickstand functions correctly. If the e-scooter is unable to stand up on its own please contact us It is vital to always leave the e-scooter parked upright in a position that doesn’t cause obstruction.

Quick maintenance tips

We know you will love your Long Term Rental experience. However, do please keep an eye on any issues and, to do so, follow these top tips:

- Charge it regularly (keep it topped up above 15%) using the Voi charger supplied only

- Keep it clean (household anti-bacterial wipes will do the trick)

- Avoid storing the e-scooter outside, especially in the rain or subzero temperatures

- Start every ride by checking the brakes and battery level

You must not use the scooter if there are any noticeable issues (such as, visible damage to the scooter’s wheels, brakes, lights or frame, battery level problems, signs of unusual or excessive wear of any kind.

How to maintain video

How to store
the e-scooter

Store the e-scooter in a safe and secure location inside your home overnight.

If you need to park the e-scooter on the street during the day, please be considerate of other pedestrians and road users. This includes parking in a way that does not obstruct footpaths or other public areas and always leaving it upright using the parking stand.

Charge your e-scooter indoors to minimise the risk of water damage.

Please note our e-scooter is quite heavy, 32kg in fact! If your home is accessed by stairs or steps then a Long Term Rental may not be appropriate for you given the risks associated with carrying such a heavy item. If you just have one step, however, one great option is to buy a kerb wedge. We have a partnership with Speed Bumps Direct for these and just enter VOI20 at checkout to claim a 20% discount.


Please note: the e-scooter must not fall below 15% battery level, if it does, you may not be able to ride your e-scooter. If this happens, please email us immediately on asap.

If your e-scooter stops mid-ride, please safely leave the road you are riding on and do not attempt to ride the e-scooter again until you have spoken to our User Support team.

You will be charged a £25 penalty if we have to recover your e-scooter.

If you notice anything that does not look safe or have any further questions, please do not ride the e-scooter and report this to our User Support team as soon as possible via email:

Frequently asked questions

Will I need to maintain the e-scooter?

It is the responsibility of the LTR rider to carry out regular basic checks to ensure that the e-scooter is free from any obvious defects or issues. This includes keeping the scooter clean, checking for any obvious issues with the brakes, handlebars or other areas of the scooter. If you have any questions about how to carry out these checks or if you would like to report an issue, please contact support Your rental agreement does however include comprehensive servicing from your local Voi Warehouse team should your e-scooter require it.

What happens at the end of each month of my rental?

Long Term Rentals operate on a calendar month by calendar month basis. By signing up for a Long Term Rental, you are agreeing to hire a vehicle for the remainder of the then current calendar month (charged on a pro rata basis) and any subsequent calendar months during which your Long Term Rental period continues. If you wish to cancel the agreement, you must give us ten days written notice via prior to the end of the calendar month. If we do not hear from you, we shall charge you for any subsequent calendar months during which your Long Term Rental period continues.

What are the hire criteria?

You must be 18+, hold a valid full or provisional driving licence and have a valid payment method associated with your Voi rider account. You must also be located inside our Operation Zone.

What security features are provided?

For protection, we provide a secure lock with your e-scooter, and for peace of mind, the e-scooter is tracked using our built-in GPS technology. You can and should also lock the e-scooter from your Voi app. While the e-scooter is rented to you, no one else will be able to rent it.

What happens if I want to cancel my rental?

Prior to the end of the month, you must give us ten day's written notice via If you do not provide us with this notice, your rental will be automatically renewed for the following month. You will be charged on a pro-rata basis for your first month. A member of our team will be in touch to arrange collection of your e-scooter.

What are the terms of the rental?

Full rental agreement terms and conditions can be found here.

What security measures are in place to stop theft?

When there is no ongoing ride on your Voi app, the power of the scooter will be automatically switched off and the back wheel will be blocked. The scooter cannot be unlocked by anyone other than the registered Long Term Rental rider. When the scooter is parked or left unattended, we strongly recommend also locking it to a fixed point (eg alongside a wall or connected to a bike stand), using the lock we provided.

What happens if my scooter goes missing?

If the scooter goes missing, it needs to be reported to us immediately by emailing us at Thanks to its location software, we can send a team to try and recover it. If we are not successful, we might involve the police and our insurers to investigate. You may be asked to support the investigations so that we can find out who was responsible for the loss. It is vital, therefore, that you familiarise yourself with the user agreement, terms and conditions, so that you avoid being held liable for any loss.

What insurance coverage is in place during my long term rental?

In accordance with Department for Transport (DfT) requirements, we maintain motor third party liability insurance on all of our e-scooters in the UK, including Long Term Rentals. In addition to the insurance requirements set by DfT, we are also proud to maintain personal accident insurance for our users which provides up to £45,000 of cover in the event of total or partial disablement or death. These insurance covers are automatically included with every Voi e-scooter ride in the UK at no additional cost to our users. Further information about our insurance programmes can be found on our website.

How long can I keep my e-scooter?

As long as you keep paying monthly for your Long Term Rental, you will continue to be able to use your e-scooter. However, all riders must adhere to our terms and conditions, as well as the rules of the road and safety guidance. Voi reserves the right to recover e-scooters in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Q: What happens if I ride outside Voi’s operational Zones?

Working in partnership with our councils, we’re delighted to offer Long Term Rental riders vast areas of space to ride in. You can see these in detail on your Voi app and, if you attempt to ride the e-scooter outside of the Zone it will come to a gradual stop. If you attempt to start your ride outside of the Zone the e-scooter will not operate.

Can I take my e-scooter outside of the Voi operational Zone?

No, it is strictly prohibited to take your e-scooter outside of the operational Zone. As the e-scooter uses geofence technology, you will be unable to start or ride the e-scooter outside of the Zone. Should you leave the zone with the E-scooter you will risk a fine and having your e-scooter retrieved by our teams and your account banned.

What’s the range of the e-scooter on a full charge?

The scooter can be used up to 60 - 100 miles on a full charge. This is subject to weather, weight of the rider and any inclines in the road. On average, however, our e-scooters are usually capable of being ridden for around 60 miles on a full charge.

Q: How do I charge the e-scooter?

We will provide you with one Voi charger, so you can charge at home and your place at work. You must only charge the e-scooter using the charger we provide. Please note you are responsible for the charger and you will be liable for any replacement costs in the event of loss or damage.

Am I able to use my own charger?

No; this could result in damage to the scooter. Our scooters are designed to be charged only by using the Voi charger. If you experience any issues with the charger we have provided to you, please contact our support team at