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Long Term Rentals by Voi


Long Term Rentals
by Voi

In partnership with Oxford County Council, we’re now offering unlimited access to a personal Voi rental e-scooter - just like a privately owned scooter, but legal. So you can get the benefits of ownership paired with leading vehicle and customer support for just £65 a month. It’s simple, you enjoy the ride and we’re here to help along the way!

It’s simple, you enjoy the ride and we’re here to help along the way!

How it works

Register your interest below

Using the form at the bottom of this page, we’ll ask for a few personal details to approve your rental. You must have a valid Voi account to redeem this product.

Book a delivery

Once your rental has been agreed, we’ll then call or email you to arrange a delivery date. On delivery we’ll give you a quick e-scooter demo and answer any questions you may have. Our delivery agent will also explain more on where you can ride.

Unlock & Voi

In order to start your rental you must enter a unique code provided into the app, this will unlock the e-scooter and away you go!

Am I eligible for Long Term Rentals?

In order to qualify for a Long Term Rental scooter, you must live within the Oxfordshire operation area (as per the map to the right – the “Operation Zone”). The scooter can only be used in the Operation Zone. You will need to confirm your location before being onboarded to the service. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a rental unless you live within the Operation Zone.

Key Information

What do you need to be eligible?

You must be 18+, hold a valid full or provisional driving licence and payment method. Also, you must be located inside our Operation Zone in Oxford.

How to get your e-scooter

Once your rental has been approved, we will contact you to book a delivery slot. One of our delivery agents will drop the e-scooter directly to your house.

What will you get?

A Voi V3X e-scooter, Voi helmet, instructional booklet, one home charger and a lock. You will also get access to our 24/7 customer support service.

How to recharge during your rental?

One charger is provided with the e-scooter and you are responsible for charging it whilst under your care. Important: you must only use the charger we provide - using any other charger poses a risk of injury or damage. You can plug our charger into any standard 3-pin socket.

Issues with your e-scooter mid-rental?

If you experience issues with the e-scooter during your rental, please contact our Support team at the earliest possible convenience:

When your rental comes to an end

If you decide to end your rental, please email to do so. We’ll arrange for one of our delivery agents to collect the e-scooter, lock and chargers from your house.

How much does it cost?

Our Long Term Rental service is available on a monthly basis, following an initial minimum two month lease, and is priced at £65 per month.

Payment will be taken automatically on a rolling calendar month basis. Should you wish to cancel at any time, please contact us via at least seven days before the expected date of termination. Following cancellation, we’ll arrange for someone to come and collect the e-scooter straight from your home.

Book your e-scooter now

Please note: Up to one to two calendar days response time. We need a few personal details to approve your rental. Please note due to demand, rentals are limited in number and subject to availability.