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Micromobility Disability Summit

Hosted by Voi Technology in October 2022

Micromobility for all.

As part of our roadmap to inclusivity, Voi is hosting the industry’s first Micromobility Disability Summit in October 2022. Voi believes that respecting the needs of all people is key to developing not only the micromobility sector but also gaining the trust of towns and cities where we operate. In particular, we must listen to and learn from disabled, visually-impaired, deaf and neurodiverse people to ensure our service makes towns and cities more liveable for all.

The Micromobility Disability Summit will gather thought leaders and experts from all over the UK and Europe, and is an important step in giving everyone a voice and sharing best practices.

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The Micromobility Disability Summit will be hosted virtually in October 2022. More information about how to participate will be available shortly.

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Voi to host first Micromobility Disability Summit.

Micromobility is a relatively new and fast-growing industry and, in order for it to grow in a positive way, and for us to create cities for living, we must respect and learn from everyone living there. We have an opportunity to learn a lot from the accessible and inclusive transport movement.

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Voi's roadmap to inclusion.

Our roads and urban design have a long way to go if they are to provide access for all. We teamed up with 6t to create a roadmap for inclusion and equity. One that focuses on the fundamental fact that the micromobilty sector is at risk of excluding rather than including a wide sector of society. It’s part of our Voiage to change that.

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Discussing inclusivity in micromobility with Dr Amit Patel

One of the speakers at our Micromobility Disability Summit is Dr. Amit Patel, one of the UK’s leading voices in diversity, equity and inclusion. In a series of videos with Dr Patel, he speaks wisely about the growth of the micromobility sector, and how we need multi-stakeholder involvement to make it safe and sustainable.

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How Voi contributes to UN SDG 5: Gender equality.

Voi operates at the intersection of the tech and transport industries; two industries with documented systemic gender biases. Working in this space means we have a tremendous responsibility, but also a huge opportunity to ensure our service and workplace advances gender equality, freedom of movement, and inclusion for people of all genders.

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Love language.

We are jumping at the opportunity to bring Love Language to our international platform at MDS. As well as being an international sign language interpretation agency, they are also pioneers in creating a “reimagined notion of diversity as something that is invaluable and integral to a sense of local, national and global connectivity.” Providing BSL/English interpretation throughout the Summit, Love Language will also be active participants at the event as experts in Deaf community engagement, one of the pillars of inclusion that is key to us at Voi.

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