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After a year of Voi scooters on the streets, we've realized that some people don't know basic traffic rules. We get it, you might not have a driver's license or aren't used to biking in the city. But don't worry, Voila is here to guide you to a safer ride. We are on a mission to spread safer riding habits across Europe. In a bid to encourage responsible use of e-scooters, we’ve launched a safety traffic school starring Voila, who teaches Voi users how to ride safely.

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Voila is challenging riders to complete a virtual traffic school. The interactive quiz tests Voi riders on their knowledge of road rules and rewards those who successfully complete the challenge with free credits to put towards Voi rides.

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Voi is working across Europe with city authorities to make sure that e-scooters are used safely and considerately, providing an affordable, environmentally friendly way to travel through cities and complement public transport networks. We believe it’s for companies like us to set an example and layout the basic standards. Pedestrians are no more at risk from scooters than from other wheeled transport, such as bikes but we recognize that we need to educate Voi users in safe riding rules as e-scooter availability increases.

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