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E-bike traffic rules in the U.K.

Driving in traffic can be tricky. There are many rules and regulations for your and other road users’ safety. When riding one of Voi’s e-bikes in the U.K., remember the following rules:

Use dedicated cycling infrastructure

Use cycling tracks, advanced stop lines, and toucan crossings. If needed, drive on the road instead. Never drive on pavements or footpaths — that is strictly forbidden and can be dangerous for both you and pedestrians.

Watch out for pedestrians

Be extra careful around children, older or disabled people — make sure you leave plenty of room for them and be prepared to slow down or stop. Never assume that they’re paying as much attention to you as you are to them.

Signal to other road users

When you are leaving a cycle lane or turning onto an intersection, make sure you give a signal by holding out a hand in the direction you are going. If you need to alert another road user of your presence, make sure to ring your bike’s bell and make contact.

Ride on the left side of the road or cycle lane

Ride to the left, being conscious of car doors opening without warning; don't be afraid to take primary position in the road where appropriate.

Obey all traffic signs and traffic light signals

Follow all traffic signs and signals, no exceptions. Stop for red lights, follow priority signs and warning signals, and read information signs.

Do not drink and ride

It’s dangerous and illegal to ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including certain medications. Alcohol and drugs negatively affect your judgement, reaction time, sight and balance. If you’re unsure about your condition, use another mode of transportation. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Pay attention and adapt your riding to your surroundings

Keep an eye out for bumps in the road, gravel, cobblestones, and grass — these variations can cause the bike to swerve or move unexpectedly. Reduce your speed when approaching an obstacle, roundabout or crossing, or roundabout.

Hold a valid driving license

You must be 18+ years old and hold a valid provisional or full driving licence to ride Voi in the UK. We ask all new users to scan their driving license in-app before we verify a new account.

Keep your distance and stay alert

Keep a safe distance between yourself and the vehicles in front (or behind) you. When possible, keep an arm’s length away from parked cars on the side of the road, so you don’t accidentally get hit by someone opening their car door.