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Ride safely in Birmingham!

Safe riding starts with you

Thank you for showing an interest in Voi!

E-Scooters offer the potential for convenient, fun, clean and affordable travel while social distancing measures are in place, reduce reliance on car trips and lower harmful tailpipe emissions.

As part of the response to Covid-19, the Department for Transport (DFT) has made changes that allow e-scooters to be used on public roads within an allocated operational zone, often using the same road space as cyclists. The aim of the scheme is to trial the new form of transport locally, and offer locals a greener way to travel around town in the future.

You may have noticed some of our bright, coral coloured scooters dotted around Brum, these are available on a short-term (by the minute) rental basis and can be used by any member of the public.

We ask all Voi riders to respect the following rules when riding one of our scooters in Birmingham:

Riding an e-scooter on the pavement is illegal!

Ride in bicycle lanes where possible and plan your route ahead of your journey

Do not ride on roads with a speed limit above 30mph

Only ONE person per e-scooter

You are encouraged to wear a helmet!

Be aware of pedestrians and other road users!

Where can I Voi in Birmingham?

In Birmingham you will find traffic free cycling routes, on road cycle lanes and signed routes on quieter roads.

If you would like to learn more or plan your route before you next ride a Voi, visit Birmingham City Council’s cycling webpages here.

A38 and A34 blue cycle routes

The new, blue surfaced routes provide wide two-way cycle routes which are separated from other traffic wherever possible. There also dedicated signals for cyclists/ scooter riders at major functions.

The CycleStreets

An open source map and journey planner is available from CycleStreets. This useful tool shows cycle parking (which can be used by scooters) and other places of interest. Riding on canal towpaths is strictly prohibited*


In order to make your journey as safe as possible. We recommend using Google Maps 'Cycling' route planner to map and help guide you on your way. Riding on canal towpaths is strictly prohibited*

Am I eligible?

Anyone wanting to hire one our Birmingham e-scooters must meet the following eligibility requirements: ✅ 18+ years of age ✅ Hold a provisional or full driving licence

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Report a scooter

Found a misplaced Voi e-scooter or e-bike in the UK? Report it here! This reported information goes directly to the Voi Operations team so we can take quick action.