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Voi has landed in the UK

Sign up now and you can be off and riding in mere minutes. Download the Voi-app onto your iPhone or Android device, and then discover the city on two wheels!
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Our e-scooters will provide UK residents and visitors with a new low-carbon mode of transport at a time of social distancing. With COVID-19 cases still prevalent in the UK, e-scooters help to take the pressure off public transport, and enable people to access work and shops without their cars and worrying about overcrowded trains or buses.

With so many environmental and public health benefits, we're paving the way for e-scooters to become a key in-city transport solution.

Easy as 1-2-3


The Voi app is available via the Google Play and Apple App stores.


Once you've downloaded the app and register to become a Voi user, simply head to your nearest e-scooter and scan the QR code.

3. VOI!

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Voi is revolutionising your transport by providing a convenient, hassle-free and sustainable alternative to getting around the city.

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What our users say

DJ Eye, Voi Pass users

I paid £39 for the Monthly Pass and I am now only 2 weeks in and id say I've had my moneys worth already. I've been niping about here there and everywhere I hope they expand and keep up the good work as electric travel is clearly the future. Well done Voi 👍

Melanie Young, Voi user

I love the scooters and the flexibility they give for commuting and other short trips, all in the open air. Occasional issues are quickly sorted out by customer services who I’ve found to be really helpful. Used responsibly they are a really good eco-friendly alternative to bus rides and more Covid-safe.

Take our traffic school and get rewarded

Complete our traffic school, Ride Like Voila, and get £5 credits off your trip.

The Voi app is available via the Google Play and Apple App stores. Limited availability. Voi has the right to remove this promotion at any time.