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Work on wheels

Forget about employees taking unnecessary short taxi rides and having co-workers stuck in traffic. Give your employees a magic perk on wheels with our corporate service Voi for Business.

Zip to meetings with a smile.

Voi for Business is a greener, faster and more affordable way for employees to zip between duties on shared electric scooters. Reducing your company's overall transport expenses by offering Voi as an alternative is not only better for your company, but also for the green city spirit.

Fast? Green? Voi.

Time is money - covering distances in cities has never been easier.


Keep control of expenses with our state of the art Employer Dashboard.

Meetings = Priceless / Rides = Cheap

Reduce transportation costs by saying goodbye to expensive taxi services.


More questions about how Voi for Business works? Contact us on or find answers among our frequently asked questions.


Capture the green city spirit.

Let’s make cities for people, not cars. Help us champion the change by replacing unnecessary short taxi trips with electric scooter rides, and reduce your company’s climate footprint at the same time.

Better than a fruit basket.

Make your workplace more attractive. A perk that’s more fun than a fruit basket and supports a safer, living city.

Track your expenses.

Have full control of total expenses, individual ride history and the purpose of the trips with our state of the art Employer Dashboard.

Are you a Voi for Business user? Access the Employer Dashboard below.

Employer Dashboard