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The people behind Voi

Founded in August 2018, Voi is a Scandinavian micro mobility company offering electric scooter and bike sharing in partnership with cities and local communities. We believe e-scooters can change how people move in our cities. And we want the transformation to happen in the right way—through innovation, open and transparent dialogue with cities and governments and by adapting to local needs.

5 000 000+ Km traveled

More than 100 laps around the globe or back and forth from Stockholm to Malaga 1300 times.

900 000+ tons Co2 Reduced*

*Compared to if rider would have traveled by midsized car instead of Voi.

500+ employees

Growing together in a fast-paced environment without losing our core values.

What we believe in.

Cities are made for living—free from noise and pollution. It should be an easy choice to not own a car. And to not take short cab rides in the city. These choices should make you happy.

Sustainability Statement.

After 12 months of transforming how people move in cities across Europe, we want to share how we as an operation have impact cities on an environmental and social level. We lay out three industry-leading sustainability commitments, showing what we want to achieve and how we aim to help our cities reach their 2030 climate targets. (September 2019).

Read Sustainability Statement

Where to find us

Where to VOI

Do you share our vision?

Making cities free from noise and pollution requires smart, adventurous, and happy people (and cute office dogs). Is this you? Come join us in one of our locations above.

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