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The wheels that bring the magic

Say hi to our E-bike

E-bikes have an electric motor that assists the rider with pedalling. This means that as you ride the bike around town to get to work, complete errands, or simply get a workout, you don’t need to pedal nearly as hard, especially when you’re going uphill. Our e-bikes also feature a nifty front basket, so you can more easily carry your shopping and belongings on the go.

* Currently only available in the UK

Voiager 4 is here!

With a lifespan of 5+ years and a 35% increase in motor performance, the V4 is designed for frequent urban use and delivers Voi’s most stable, secure ride yet. Turn indicators offer 360° visibility and ensure riders are able to communicate their intended maneuvers safely. A reinforced fender, plus improved hydraulic suspension and large, higher-quality tyres, increase shock absorption and ease impact from cobblestones and potholes.

Voiager 3X.

60 months lifespan
Hydraulic double suspension for smoother rides
Triple-redundant brake system
50% reduction in service emissions
4G connection
Display with zones and availability status
Dual kickstand
Phone holder for easier city navigation
Carrying hook
Swappable batteries, changed on the spot
Cut operational transports

Voiager 2.

The Voiager 2 is the closest thing we've ever come to inventing a new color. It has been customized to fit Voi users’ needs; making it a top-of-the-line, high performing, and well-designed e-scooter. Cloud-like riding with big wheels and smooth dual suspension. Electrical and mechanical brakes. Automagic wayfinding. Faster charging than ever. We make them out of recyclable aluminum. That's for the environment. The fun is all for you.

Voiager 1.

Don't explore space before you've explored your city. Voiager 1 is built for urban astronauts. Its unparalleled range makes it perfect for unchartered territory. It has brakes and indicator lights, and it meets German regulations and EU standards.

The Voi.

The original. The modern classic that defined what a scooter is today. Don't be surprised if you see this legend at the MoMA soon.