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Safe winter riding tips

As the days shorten and temperatures drop, our scooters don't go into hibernation. Explore our top tips for riding safely and sustainably in winter


Our online traffic school is the best way to learn how to ride safely. We reward our riders with free credits once they've completed each module. Perfect to spend on those rides this winter.


Turn on the ‘Beginner’s mode’

If it’s nippy, pretend you’re a newbie and switch on 'Beginner’s mode' on our app. Your speed is automatically reduced to 10mph for all of your ride time.


See and be seen when riding a Voi

Our e-scooters and e-bikes are equipped with lights and built-in reflectors.

We also recommend wearing additional reflective gear and a helmet light. Don’t be a vulnerable Voiager. Be a visible one.


Remember to wear a helmet

We give away free helmets at our safety events, as well as to Monthly Pass users who get a free folding helmet from Closca when they sign up.


Always go slowly in winter

Especially if the roads are slippery or icy. In winter, it's all about slowing down and showing some serious steering skillage, with no abrupt turns.


Watch out for potholes!

Keep a close eye on the road surface as potholes or icy spots can appear out of nowhere. It’s not a good look to go splashing through puddles at speed either, soaking pedestrians.

We’re an eco-friendly mode of transport, so keep it friendly.


Join our monthly free safety webinar

We also host a monthly free safety webinar, and encourage both new and experienced riders to sign up and learn more about riding safely this winter.

Read more and register to our next webinar here, and, if you attend, you’ll receive a free Voi-branded helmet.


Sign up and get £3 free credit this winter

Join Voi, open your wallet and enter promo code: WINTER2122

*Only available to new Voi users. The Voi app is available via the Google Play and Apple App stores. Limited availability. Voi has the right to remove this promotion at any time. This code is valid in the United Kingdom only and expires on 23:59 31st March 2022.